20th of January

When circumstances are bad, this is when Entrepreneurs can raise and create business. This is how it works:

Entrepreneur Workshop on Maui

February 12./13.



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20th of August

My son Caspar Aurel is born.

Being a mother, raising a child is a totally diferent challenge than anyone before. You leave a mark.



3rd of August

Even the best pregnancy comes to an end.

Enjoying a wonderful summer with a big belly, an active life and lot´s of curiosity for my first child. Daily swimming, Yoga and walks along the ocean really help. It´s a wonderful experience that we women are allowed to feel during this change.



23rd of June

Extreme Sport Meeting in Salzburg (GOTS)

Extreme Sport is cool, makes you stay alive and happy – as long as everything goes well. Sometimes it doesn´t and that´s where we started to discuss with around 300 surgeons that deal with our injuries in a daily manner. We – that´s Karina Hollekim (Base jump Red Bull), Pit Beirer (Motocross Red Bull) and me. We all agreed that what helps is taking the challenge of being hurt or even paralysed as an opportunity to grow the same way as a defeat in sports. Each person can make that decision.



30th of May

Summer action – slightly different

30 weeks pregnant and still lot´s of action is possible.

The harnais for kitesurfing is getting too tight as well as my wetsuit. But there are many activities that are perfect for me. Put my handle bar of the mountain bike on high-angle mode and there we go. Sometimes little fists remember me that there might be not too much space during some yoga positions as well as during the flip turn in the pool. Can deal with that. And standing cranial everybody gets ist space.



15th of January

Training Yoga with Ross in Copenhagen

Ross really rocks my body and mind. What an amazing yoga teacher.

If we go beyond our boundaries we call it injury. If we stay below our boundaries it is stagnation. Ross helps me to expand my boundaries and stretch them. I call that growth.



6th of January

Businesscoaching Ibiza

Life is business and business is life. What differentiates successful people from ordinary people is action.

From early childhood we got told that when we come to kindergarden everything will be all right, than school, than university, than our job, marriage and retirement. Than we are there and still not alive, so they tell us that heaven comes and this will be the ultimate kick. A likely story!

Successful people instead are alive because they are in constant action, they never stop moving.

If you want it – get it now!

Who hesitates is lunch!



Ross Rayburn
Ross Rayburn

14th of November

There are amazing people out there. Ross definitely is one. Warm and soft like the summer sun, clear as a mountain lake and strong as my Orthopedic colleauges.

Training and practising yoga with Ross pushes you towards your limits – not the real limits, but the limits you think you have – mentally and physically.



22nd of October

It is very inspiring to see how my audience gets inspired themselves by listening to me. It might look like this is only my personal story, but it is the story that every single one of us has experienced – in little as well as on a grand scale.



4th of October

Golden Autumn

It is rare that the baltic sea is flat and calm. Time to go stand up paddling! One of the best workouts to train body and soul. Proprioception, cardio and strength training all in one. Although I must say, after a while it got a little boring (there are no waves!) and I started to do handstand on my board – well, I am not Laird Hamilton....



15th of August

The best kitesurfing days are still those on Helgland – an island in the middle of the North Sea. Sunshine, constant wind, waves – and nobody out there. Just the seals and me – playing together.

Yoga in the morning. A long distance swim in the afternoon. A kitesession in the evening. I like it!



13th of July

Again in Geneva I am meeting the founder of Anusara Yoga. John Friend and his team helped me coming out of the operations I had „better than ever“. They helped my atrophied and contracted muscles to regain their strength. It was very special to me connecting to him. John showed us how muscles and joints work together in a healthy way. This was something I really missed during my studies and it is so interesting. Combining this with my orthopedic practise broadens my horizon enomrously.

And we practised, too. Still amazing what I my hip is able to do.



25th of June

25th anniversary of the Corail shaft – the one I am „wearing“. It is quality and this is why I decided that I need a product that is time tested - no more experiments concerning my health on my side. Receiving an invitation to the world congress of the hipsymposium in Geneva ot meet the founders of the Corail. Emotionally very touching on both sides. Sharing my stroy with all the participants, celebrating this important anniversary and meeting the international Johnson&Johnson team was a lot of fun.



20th of June

Visiting the headquaters of DePuy Johnson&Johnson and getting into contact with the whole team is very touching. During a sales meeting I was offered to share my story and give them an emotional and inspiring speech from a clients perspective as well as a users perspective of their implants. These hip replacements are not just about walking without pain to the supermarket. They are an opportunity to step back into life and enjoy the ride.



2nd of May

Improving my surfing abilities on Maui and Kauai – I switched to goofy – having a session in the morning and one in the afternoon. In between strengthening my body with Yoga and swimming. What a quality of life! What a pleasure for my body! Now being back at the baltic sea, wind and water seem freezing. Nevertheless I begin the kitesurfing season and it is beautiful out there!


25th of March

We had lot´s of fun filming for the german television at work, at the beach and in the forest while mountainbiking. If you understand some german, check out this link: NDR The battle back into life.



22nd of February 2011

The magazine „Handicap“ printed my story together with stories of amazing people that are handicaped and don´t accept any limits. You see me kitesurfing with a hip replacement and the director of my clinic (Prof. Dufek) giving an interview about what sports you can do with that kind of operation. Well, as you can imagine he is not talking about kitesurfing...

During my years as a professional kitesurfer my sponsor Naish Kitesurfing delivered always the latest models of equipment to me. I need to say that I physically never got to the edge of the possibilities of that material. The limit was my performance on the water, not the material. Now I am wearing hight tech material in my hip. And this is the first time for me to realize that I am not limited, but the material could be. But I don´t care I will just continue and move forward. Therefore it is always important to choose equipment where you know it can do it.



24 of December 2010

Passion. Kitesurfing used to be my passion for many years. I still like to do it, but the urge not to miss a minute on the water has diminished. I love to have passion. The more the better. Starting surfing on Maui I got it right away. Sometimes scared to death when a big set of waves is arriving and other times feeling the unity of me, the board and the water this is what life is about. When we are passionated about something other things seem to flow around us. There´s no space for worries, for problems or fight. For me surfing and operating people is a way to put myself into that joyfull state. This is one way. And there are many ways. And we could also decide just to be passionated without any reason.

Life live fully and get better at it each day!


3rd of December

Back on Maui for the fourth time. This feels like being home. When I am there I know I am where I need to be.

Anusara Yoga that I am practising here helps me as an Orthopedic surgeon to look different at my patients and help them to motivate their muscles to support their joints to stay in alignment. It also helps me getting better in my own movement and improving the strength of the muscles around my hip. In daily functions I am getting reminded to use that knowledge and take care of my body. It feels good to be in alignment and you wanna be there more and more.


15th of October

Emotion, a german magazine reports in a touching and inspiring way about my accident, the recovery and my comeback on the water. The title being „High times within an altitude flight“ supporting their audience in finding their own role model in whatever situation they are in. In my case there were no footprints out there for me to step into. I havn´t seen any professional sportsperson, surgeon and young aged patient that needed a hip replacement. And that´s how it is - it is always our unique way. Most of the time we realize that later.


26th of September

First fall windstorms are reaching out for the hearts of the kitesurfers. Curious and full of adventure I am defining the range of movement that is possible in those conditions. There is no limitation but awareness that shows me where to hold back. Daily yoga training is a big support in strengthening the muscles and protecting the joints – old and new ones.


20th of August

One year old that new hip! This is the moment to take my new material from my sponsor Naish and go kitesurfing again. It is strange at the beginning to feel the power of the kite that once pulled me too high and too wide, but this time totally smoothly. It feels like there has never been a time without surfing.

Feeling the power of the wind, the water and the waves, what a unique combination. There is nothing else, just unification of all senses. Life has always been and will always be an adventure.


24th of July

Winning the crossing between two little islands in the North Sea! The water is cold, we are not allowed to wear wetsuits and jellyfishes are all over. The waves are pretty big and I enjoy my advantage of having trained in Mauis water daily. Even keeping track of the direction is difficult. The current is strong and pushes us away. With every minute longer in the water it becomes stronger. Time to swim fast! 


11th of July

Summer in Germany! The water is warm and leaving the beach behind me, the ocean gets clearer and calmer. There is almost nobody out there, except some fishermen with their little boats. Swimming is the best for my hip. It is meditation and training in one. There´s one commitment that I made: No worries during swimming. Therefore whatever was a problem before, when I come out of the water it has gone.


7th of June

Thank you for all the best wishes going back to work. Coming back to my team after three years is strange but very loving. For me during that period my life changed completely. At the hospital it seems like most of it hasn´t changed at all. Being back at the operating table gives me the feeling that I am back in the game. I love it!


18th of May

Back at the Baltic Sea with pockets full of Aloha Spirit. Preparing myself for going back to work, staying in shape and working on interessting projects that will allow me to reach lots of people that got stuck in a situation where they deal with limitation and boundaries. We are made to move on. Sometimes it just needs some courage. That´s al!


2nd of May

Auf Wiedersehen to Maui – for the third time. I will come back that´s for sure. For me this is paradise. Stopping over in Austin Texas to meet a wonderful friend and super efficient business women. I love business and I feel like a sponge absorbing every detail of her qualities. Life is business and business is life.


25th of April

This is home for me. You paddle, you see the wave behind you, you paddle faster, you wanna have the same speed as the wave, she picks you up and suddenly there´s ease. You´re in the flow. She is taking you with her, beautifully. Being one with the wave although she is really small but clear definetly puts me into bliss. My new hip loves that movement.

You can´t stop the wave but you can ride it!


8th of April

Hanggliding over the eastern part of Maui. Hana is beautifully green and people there love to be on their own. The coastline is magnificent, rough and original. There have been lots of turbulences in the air and it is exciting when you just fall of the sky without having much material around you. But my experience with falling from the sky is: I`ve done it and I am over it, therefore we decided to come back to safely. What a flight.


26th of March
Looking through my camera into the eyes of a big humpback whale, putting the camery beside and jumping into the deep blue pacific ocean with them, looking into the eyes of a mother with her baby. Powerful, that change of perspectives. Swimming with whales, huge and sensitive at the same time, made my heart growing big and open. What a wonderful experience. I feel very honored that I had the opportunity for such a connection. Nature is spirit.

16th of March
Almost seven months have passed and I am standing on a surfboard. What a physical inspiration feeling my feet touching the board, trying to stand up and flowing with the wave. I longed for that for a long time. I am back - on the water, in the surf. Aloha!

27th of February 2010
Arriving on Maui and leaving the tsunami under the water and behind me. Everything was prepared and shot down. Even the sewage was put into the ocean, as a protection to the land area. Well, it is not that fun to swim in stinky brown water.
Therefore we go to the south side of the island to enjoy clear water. In the deep water, a turtle crosses us. She seems to be very focused on her business. No pause, no right or left, just smoothly on her way. When she was gone a big manta ray approached us. Very curious about us, he came close, with his big opened mouth. I am happy to not see any big teeth. What an elegant animal: deep black back, white mouth and a long tail adressed like an antennae in different directions. I keep reminding myself - he just wants to play!







A surfer

A surgeon

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