13th of November 2009
She did it again! Time to leave paradise. Maui is crying that day, as a friend told me. We had tough rain, thunderstorms and flooding warnings the whole day. When the plane took of to Oahu two big thunderbolts flashed in the sky. There were turbulences during the whole flight and the wings were moving in all directions. Okay Maui, you convinced me, I will come back soon!

9th of November
Don´t make me drink american coffee. Everything is different on Maui, even the coffee. Kona coffee grows in the Kona region of Big Island on fertile vulcanic ground and in the protection of the clouds that rise during the day to the upper parts of the island. Having that kind of coffee and enjoying it while watching the surf coming in - that is pleasure guys!

5th of November
Winter arrives on Maui. The waves are getting bigger and stronger. Today while getting out of the ocean after our daily swim in the bay of Baldwin I learned a lesson: Never with the back to the ocean. A wave got me and turned me around, a well chosen stage of the washing programme, all kind of equipment floating around me in the white water. The ocean is exciting, never the same and full of aliveness.

2nd of November
Crispy cold as in the Alps here on Haleakala. Standing here in shorts makes me being recognized as a tourist for sure. Impossible the press any buttons on my camera at the end - where are my gloves? Besides the temperature, what a beautiful sundowner in the cloudes that embrace Maui. Full moon is standing over the crater. Another extraordinary night in the middle of the pacific.

31th of October
Halowe´en. Maui is going crazy. State of emergency. Parties all over. Paia got to a new center of partying. Although beginning with a home party ist he best.

30th of October
Girls Clinics with Kristin Boese 8 times Worldchampion in Kitesurfing. She invited me to come. For me it was the first time after the kitesurfing accident to deal with tricks, jumps and competition style again. What a different world than talking about recovery and rehab. As we say in german: It burned under my finger nails to go out with them and have fun. But I hold the promise I gave to my surgeon and stayed on the land.

28th of October
Exciting swimming in a cave. Jumping into the dark, crawling towards some sunshine light that slightly finds a little way through the massive stones. Chilly water, but so refreshing. Maui has it all!

25th of October
Welcome back! E komo mai! My body relaxeses immediately when putting my feet on the vulcanic ground. 2 times across the big water, 11 hours of time shift - nothing, just perfect. No winter at all, summer is back. If it is getting too hot, no problem, I just need to take my car towards Haleakala and what I get is a chilly breeze. Paradise!

Whatever you choose, you can have.

24th of October
Vancouver. In only 10 hours from Frankfurt, than north of Island and over Alaska to Canada. 10 hours of watching great movies, lying in bed and getting a massage - that was a machine! That´s the way when flying gets really fun. Heading over to Maui soon.

3rd of July
Auf Wiedersehen! That´s my way of saying goodbye to Maui. I feel at home and further visits will follow. Great people, wonderful connections and awesome healing took place. Thanks for all the support and stay in touch!



24th of June
After swimming the bay of Hookipa to Mamas Fish House my friend Jessica asked the lifeguards about sharks in that area: „ You don´t see them, but they see you!" Somehow I feel save here. It is exciting but not scary. There are some basic behavior patterns a local told me that you can keep in mind: „Don´t go out if the water is murky and turbid. That is when they like to hunt." When they attack it is often a misapprehension, we are not in their food chain. Just a mistake in communication. That helps!



21th of June
Surfing is impossible right now. That makes me angry. Watching the surfers catching waves created a big need inside of me. Today I met an old sufer and he told me: Take the buggy board! That felt like two steps back rather than having fun. But I decided that I could keep on going watching them from the beach or feeling the waves by buggy surfing. Great choice! Although some waves hit me pretty hard, extracting my hip in interesting directions I managed to get some unbelievable surfs, enjoying the speed and power of nature. It does not always need the ultimate discipline.



20th of June
On the one hand Hookipa ist he famous surfing spot worldwide on the other hand it is a estuary for multiple turtle families. Today, while diving through a wave something hit me and I tried to figure out what that was. I couldn´t see anything just the reef in the clear water. But than I saw him, the big papa turtle right between me an the reef, slowly moving away. That was my first day out in the water here and an interesting way of saying Hello to the underwater world. Turtles are a good luck symbol on Hawaii.



16th of June
South Swell in Kihei. Great to see those locals. They enjoy with each other and they compete against each other. Just very playful. There is no real persona left, just the fun of the game to catch the wave and ride it like the first time. Thanks for sharing those moments with you. Mahalo!



7th of June
„What you love - let it go. If it comes back to you, you will have it - forever." Konfuzius
Making babies takes 5 minutes for hawaiian lizards. That even gave me time to choose the right lenses! Do they also take that much time in Germany?



2nd of June
Haleakala - Mauis potentially hazardous vulcano. Slowly we drive up those curly roads, crossing clouds that look like cotton, an altitude difference further clear blue sky and intense sunlight. It is getting chilly on 20 000 feet. Here, weather is made. Daily the clouds come in, stop at the vulcano and the rain falls on the eastern part of the island. Suddenly I look in the middle of the crater: Huge - Manhattan would fit in there. It feels like being on the moon.

30th of May 2009:
Big Day - I woud have called this during my days as an active kitesurfer. Not yet on my board again I found a calm place to get into the water and I crawled to the shorebreak, dived through the waves and let them take me on shore again. Whatever you let yourself devote to, it is fun and that is how we can take it.



20th of May 2009:

Wow, we had a nice north Swell that day. Still, it is hurtful for me to watch people being out there on their playground. It was my playground so much and I can´t wait feeling that moments of bliss again. When you ride the wave and the wave becomes one with you - that is the spirit. When I sat there at Hookipa with my camera I felt like being one with those people out there. It is paradox, it is pleasure.


15th of May

Aloha and Welcome to Maui Hawaii. I will stay here for 6 weeks getting back the force in my right leg with the help of Jerry my favourite Feldenkrais practitioner.
Maui is a great mixture. I keep on going to say: Just right! The weather, waves, food and people. My personal feeling about Maui is a wonderful mixture of Martinique in the Caribbean and Helgoland a rough island in the North Sea.







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A surgeon

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